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Systems Architecture and Design

Workflow Design

Almost all projects require a clear business workflow. We put a lot of effort into understanding and devising the business logical process flow - the Business Analysis. Often what pops out of this work is a clear picture of the components to be built. That usually makes it easy to start building components individually rather than in a traditional sequential ("waterfall") manner.  The result is a more flexible and quicker delivery.

Systems Architecture

Assuming we've done our initial analysis properly (of course we do :) ), then the building blocks become obvious early on. The Systems Architecture is much easier to devise if the business process and workflow is clear.


We take pride in having received great reviews of our products. Our client's own customers often express delight that our tools and process are far cleaner and easier to use than the client's own in-house tools. Our User Interface designs are easier to read and follow than many in-house designs previously produced by our clients.


Reports need to be readable, meaningful, accurate and cool. Lots of preliminary work leads to a good report. Good design brings the report alive and ensures users get the most out of it. We have always been advocates of clean design.

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