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Data Profiling

We help customers improve their end-customer engagements. We can identify suitable contacts based on data profiling,  Our reports range from Heatmaps to detailed individual customer analyses. A combination of data sources are used both automatically and manually researched including but not limited to:

  1. Software Entitlement reports
  2. Trends identified from sales records
  3. 3rd party repositories such as Dun and Bradstreet
  4. Corporate website research
  5. Resource data

Data Analysis

We help organisations with a wide range of reporting and data restructuring. Many companies experience a "spreadsheet hell" that has grown organically over time. Multiple reporting solutions appear in a company created independently by individuals and departments. Often called "Shadow IT", this can be costly and inefficient. We can review the processes and data and rebuild this into a coordinated new data management and reporting solution.

Data Presentation

We are well versed at presenting data in a variety of ways via a variety of tools including PowerBI, Excel automation, automated Powerpoint decks, through to interactive websites.

Data Transformation

Key to a lot of our work is transformation of data from large scale raw data into meaningful information users can understand and make use of.  This often means developing sophisticated new algorithms for data cleansing, data transfer, transformation, analysis and final presentation.

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