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SASS ® Campaign Tools

Our SASS ® product is a rich campaign management tool that has been used by software vendors over the years to drive software licensing engagements. The value is in the workflow which significantly reduces the cost of traditional call-centre operations. It is a multilingual tool that can be customised to various customer engagement roles. 

Process and Teams

Let us recruit and managing a SAM/Compliance team for you. This is often left to us. We are very familiar with designing a process and workflow for a team to engage with customers. Based in the Thames Valley we have access to good quality multi-lingual IT resources. Alternatively we can train your team to use our SASS ® service.


We've directly managed thousands of customer engagements for our clients. Additionally over 100,000 engagements have been put through our SASS ® platform, our CRM tool build to support our large corporate customers. We can initiate direct engagement with customers, manage, track and measure engagement campaigns, or simply be your outsourced team. The tool is multilingual and multichannel so you can support your reseller/partner community.

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