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Astria Consultancy Services

End-to-end Support

Our full-lifecycle experience means we can design, develop, manage and engage with every step in a software assessment process, and can provide the underlying support to ensure you have the best tracking and reporting available. We can provide a turnkey solution with a team to manage the service or supply the platform for you to use in-house.

Consultancy, Analysis, Project Management

A core strand of our work historically has been advising on, architecting and designing solutions for large organisations. We have many years of board-level consulting and project management experience plus significant technical knowledge. This ensures we fully comprehend customer needs and can build appropriate solutions. We can manage a project for you and take pride in delivering our solutions on time and to budget. To achieve this we have occasionally refused to take on projects with a clear risk of unacceptable overrun.

Business Intelligence

To consult we need to understand you well. We have extensive experience consulting for corporate organisations in the private and public sectors. Consultancy is the starting point for our solutions design and development services. From there we can devise suitable workflows, improve processes, transform data, architect new tools, build excellent solutions, and of course deliver great "Business Intelligence" solutions.

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