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Software and Hardware Asset Management

The British Computer Society (BCS) have recently released a new ITAM course - the BCS Foundation Certificate in
Software and Hardware Asset Management. The BCS called upon Astria's CEO (Vaughn Chadwick) to help build the course. The scope grew over time such that Vaughn was responsible for all the Courseware and much of the exam questions. It was a considerable experience drawing upon Vaughn's 20 years Asset Management Experience and earlier IT/Project management experience.

The course closely follows the ITIL standards. Good background reading for this course is found in "The ITIL Guide to Software and IT Asset Management (Second Edition)" written by David Bicket and Colin Rudd. Vaughn has worked with David on numerous occasions.

Gain an innovative new certificate in Software Asset Management (SAM): incorporating learning on Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and licensing as well as the latest developments in SAM.

Who is it for?
  • Software asset managers, IT asset managers and professionals in IT procurement.
  • Anyone requiring an understanding of software asset management, as well as organisational leaders and managers wanting to understand the value of SAM practices, or those who work in a regulated industry, for example, telecoms, financial services, energy and utilities.

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