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We provide IT solutions and services in the area of Software Asset Management, Licensing, Compliance, Cyber Security Insights, Resource Planning and Customer Engagement (aka CRM). Working closely with leading software publishers and top businesses we have developed an especially deep understanding of Software Asset Management, AntiPiracy, License Compliance, Cyber Security and assessing software estates of all sizes. We have been a key player in helping several organisations tackle license mis-use - e.g. Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, Business Software Alliance, Federation Against Software Theft.
Being heavily involved in Microsoft’s SAM programme from its beginnings we helped to build and manage processes to engage with and track customers. We architected and managed the Microsoft License Statement (“MLS”) which has been an integral part of Microsoft’s SAM programmes for 20 years. Developing this was a complex data analysis task to account for a convoluted history of product license rules that continually evolves. This may explain why it took Microsoft 10 years to replace us with an in-house team.
Over the years we have helped many corporates reorganise and improve the way they manage and report sales and resource data. We replaced and cleaned up messy and disconnected groups of data with slick centralised approaches for organisations such as British Airways, BMW, EMAP, GSK, Microsoft, and Autodesk.
Our key product today is SASS® - Software Assessment Self Service. This is a "software as a service" self-service solution that allows you to run assessment and marketing campaigns. Out of the box it supports Software Compliance, SAM assessment, Cyber Security Insight, Cloud Migration (Digital Transformation). It is easily extensible to cover any data gathering and sales campaign. Think of it as a focussed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and you'll understand it better. It is highly scalable and has been used by several software publishers globally, in multiple languages, to engage with over 100,000 organisations.
Supporting all of the above is a deep experience of software development and IT consultancy acquired working with many organisations with complex problems. We use largely Microsoft based technologies such as Office/XL, Power BI, IIS, Visual Studio.NET, SQL-Server, Umbraco, Azure. You can be confident that we understand your requirements fully and can build the right solution for your needs.

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