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Astria Ltd

ASTRIA (formerly Themis Consulting) provides consultancy and analytical solutions focused Software Asset Management (SAM). This includes Cyber Security Assessments, License Compliance evaluation, IP protection, Cloud Migration analysis and other complex data analysis. We work with several top software publishers, their partners, and Intellectual Property protection agencies.

We are recognised as experts in Software Asset Management, Licensing and Anti-Piracy. Since our inception in 1994 we have been helping companies identify patterns in sales, licensing, software inventory and resource data. For most of this time we have worked with some of the biggest software publishers to build processes and tools to help support their engagement teams. In particular we have built automated analytics solutions and processes to help organisations engage with their customers productively and efficiently.

A key part of our capability is SASS® - our self service data gathering and analysis tool. This provides significant and proven savings and efficiencies for customer engagements. Currently it manages SAM assessments, Cyber Insight review, and Cloud analyses.

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