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SASS® is available to buy!

We have decided to put our SASS® online review solution up for sale as a complete platform. You can now buy exclusive rights to the Intellectual Property so that you can use, modify and develop it as you wish. This is ideal for anyone looking to kick-start a project with ready-built code base.

For a description of SASS® and how to buy click the button to download a PDF summary. Opens in a separate window.

We have a more detailed document available for you subject to a signed NDA. Please ask for details if you are interested.


ASTRIA. We invent, create, design, transform, deliver and manage new IT solutions. For organisations of all sizes. Our aim is to improve how you securely engage with and manage your customers.

Data is core to everything we do. We help organisations make best use of their data resources, identifying patterns and issues in data such as CRM, Sales, HR, Finance, Licensing, software Inventory. Then we develop processes and intelligent tools to help organisations engage with their customers more productively, efficiently and quickly.

We are recognised experts in Software Asset Management (SAM), Licensing and Anti-Piracy. Leading software publishers and their partners have depended on our SAM services for many years.

Our core product is SASS® - a self-service campaign tool. SASS® helps you deliver self-assessment services to your customers – for License Compliance, Cyber Security, ITAM, Digital Transformation and more. SASS® significantly improves your customer engagements with proven savings and efficiencies

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